Goof: Not a Pitt Bull

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Goof has changed over the past year.  When we got him in January 2016 we thought he was a little over a year old.  But now that we have had him for a year I don’t think he was a year old when we got him.  Mike and I both agree that he was between 8 months and 10 months old.

When we got him, he had a little body, short legs, and a big head.  His fur was almost orange and his eyes were orange.  He had been dropped off because he was a terror in the people’s house and he couldn’t be put in a cage without him going crazy and hurting his paws trying to get out.

When we took him in we tried to have him sleep in a section of the hall to the bathroom with a gate so that he couldn’t get out.  He cried and clawed at the gate but eventually went to sleep and then got up whenever there was a noise and he would start crying like a baby.  He was a very vocal dog.

So we moved the gate to the door of the bedroom and he was content.  It was impossible to keep him off the bed so he became a permanent fixture sleeping at the bottom of the bed.  Kira slept at the top of the bed beside me and usually with her head on my pillow.

Fast forward to June 2017 and that little body has grown significantly.  He has long legs, a very thin and trim body, and his head is perfectly proportional.  That Pitt look that he had has gone away and he looks more like a Boxer.  He is still full of energy and gets into everything.  He is smart and can understand more words than even Kira understood.  He adores me and walks around like Darby use to do where he just stares up at me as he is following me around.

His fur has turned to a light brown but he still has those pretty orange eyes.  He still eats poop but now that we have just 2 dogs he doesn’t get as much as he previously did.

The people that gave him away really missed out on a wonderful dog.  Short of Kira, he is one of the best dogs I have ever had.


Remy has returned

I am sad.  Remy was put down 2 weeks ago and we had him cremated.  We just got his remains.  We have rescued more than 100 dogs but the loss of Remy is significant.  We started the dog rescue when hurricane Katrina damaged so much.  We rescued about 2000 dogs and Remy (and Riley) were the ones that we just loved.

Remy’s ashes came back today.  He had a good and hard life.  We rescued him in 2005.  He was a pup.  We think he was 9 months old when we rescued him.

Remy never fit into the pack.  He never wanted to sleep on the bed. He was always the “observer”.  Every dog is different.  We adapt to them and they adapt to us.

I miss Remy.  His life was short, but I think we made it better than he would have had otherwise.

The house is warm again

For 2 weeks the dogs have been huddling with me at every occasion.  They don’t like the house being below 60 degrees F.  We finally got the furnace fixed.  It turned out that the propane tank was making too much pressure and so it was burning so hot that the system was shutting down.  “Bowman heating and cooling” adjusted the valve and got the system to limit it.

We had Holtzman to come out and work on the regulator and they said that it was at 11 PSI.  They usually set it for 12 PSI in the house but they didn’t adjust it because we were having problems with pressure.  Well… that was $125 out of the pocket that was wasted.

But now that we have the heating working the dogs are not sleeping on me.  You would think that having dogs huddle on you would be good.  But it is nor comfortable.  I am glad that they now sleep in their own space and are not on top of me.

I miss Remy

A unique thing about Remy was that whenever he heard the click of the TV, he ran from wherever he was to jump on the couch and secure his place for watching a movie.  We rarely watch the TV. About the only time is when we get a movie in the mail from Netflix.

On Friday we received the Ghostbusters 2016 disk in the mail so we watched it Friday night.  I pushed the button that turns on the TV and DVD player.   The click came out… but Remy didn’t appear.

I think this is the first time that I have done something that would result in something uniquely “Remy” and yet Remy was not there.

I miss Remy.