The house is warm again

For 2 weeks the dogs have been huddling with me at every occasion.  They don’t like the house being below 60 degrees F.  We finally got the furnace fixed.  It turned out that the propane tank was making too much pressure and so it was burning so hot that the system was shutting down.  “Bowman heating and cooling” adjusted the valve and got the system to limit it.

We had Holtzman to come out and work on the regulator and they said that it was at 11 PSI.  They usually set it for 12 PSI in the house but they didn’t adjust it because we were having problems with pressure.  Well… that was $125 out of the pocket that was wasted.

But now that we have the heating working the dogs are not sleeping on me.  You would think that having dogs huddle on you would be good.  But it is nor comfortable.  I am glad that they now sleep in their own space and are not on top of me.


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