The new dog door

doggydoorleantoWe have had two small tornados that came through and tore up our house and yard.  I repaired everything on the house before the second one came through.  But in each case, the wind and rain flooded through the doggy door.  We put up some wood to block the wind but that didn’t work completely.

So, over the weekend, I went to Home Depot and got a sheet of tin, a 8×4 piece of pressure treated plywood, and siding channels.  I constructed a “lean-to” for the doggy door that doesn’t block the door window but provides a second doggy door at 90 degrees to the inside door that prevents storms from blowing water through to the house.

I used the siding that I replaced from the house to make the siding on the doggy lean-to so that it matched the house.  The tin is already enameled in white so it matches nicely.  We never use the door that the doggy door is in as we have a larger door to the same deck.  With this little “lean to” the dogs have 2 doggy doors to go through but snow and rain cannot make it through a 90 degree turn.  Hopefully this will protect the house.


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