Atlas: The horse is finally gone

Oh my, the horse finally got adopted.  That was probably the worst foster we have ever had.  He was sweet, non-aggressive, and was house trained.  But he intimidated all of the other dogs and brought Kennel cough into the house.  Remy and Kira caught it and I was worried that Kira would die from it.

Besides bringing the cough to the house, he was unmanageable and jealous.  He couldn’t let me play with any other dog without charging me and wanting to get in the middle.  He was so big that even Clifford went and hid.  For the time he was here, Clifford basically hid upstairs and couldn’t interact with anyone.

He took food from over your shoulder at dinner and he cleaned the counter tops (not a good thing).  We had to erect cage barriers in the kitchen to keep him out of the kitchen.  It is one thing to have a dog surf the countertops and having a dog that just grazes on the counter tops.  He licked the clean plates that were drying and licked the stove.  I still shiver with trying to get the lick marks off of the basic appliances.

He went to a good home that is enormous in Great Falls.  That is the area where the exceptionally wealthy live so he should do well there.  After he left, there was a great relief that the entire house seemed to exclaim.  All of the dogs started acting normal and even Goof started acting like a normal dog.  It is great to have all of the gates gone and have a normal house again.

That dog was the most disruptive thing I have ever experienced.  I hope we never see another one of those beasts.


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