The big snow

Well we finally had a good snow.  It was a doosie at about 3 feet.  It was coming down so hard and the win was blowing so hard that I couldn’t even use the snow blower.  By the time the storm had finished there was too much for the blade of the tractor and too deep for the snow blower to be easily used.  It took two days to dig out using the front scoop on my little tractor, but I got us dug out.

But if it is just about snow, it is not really appropriate for a dog blog.

Once again, we have a very young dog in the house that has never seen snow and it was just a wonder to him.  He didn’t seem to care that it was cold on his feet or that he had to hop to get through it.  I think he saw it as a giant ice cream cone.  He would eat snow and then run in the house and leak as he ran.  He would warm up and then run back out the dog door and eat more snow.

It was his first snow.  He loved it!  We just had to keep a towel around his belly to keep from soaking all of the floors of the house.


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