A week with Glenn

Well, I can see why he hasn’t been able to keep a home.  Glenn gets into everything, steals food from the other dogs, pounces on any dog that is new, and has no manners.  He knows “sit” and “paw” but won’t do either unless you have food.  And when it comes to food, he is a true pig.  I have to feed the other dogs first while he is locked in the bedroom, then I can let him out and feed him afterwards.  But if I let him out while others are eating, he will eat his food as fast as he can and then go take the food from the others.  Remy will pick fights with him while Clifford will back off.  Kira is so fragile that he just knocks her over.

He is a sweet dog and is happy.  He stays right with you when you take him for a walk in the yard.  But I still don’t trust him to be off leash when he isn’t inside the fence.


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