Chuggie: Welcome Back!!!!

Well… it is disappointing in a way, but very nice in another way.  The owners of Chuggie wrote and want to return him.  They have 4 girls and Chuggie just adds too much chaos to the home.  He stole cake off the table, got into the girls stuff, and did what dogs do.  But when you add the challenges of a dog to a house of 4 girls, it was just too much for them.

So, with teary eyes and a lot of debate, the returned Chuggie.  Now, I can’t fault anyone if the addition of a dog disrupts the home so I can’t second guess what caused the return.  But I can say that Chuggie is the best behaved dog I think we have ever had as a foster.  He is one that I just fell in love with and I will again.  Yes, if you put food on a table where he can reach it… he will take it.  All three of ours will do the same.  They are programmed to be scavengers and that trait will come out.  Yes, if you have kids with food in their hands, they will take it from them.  Again, they are scavengers.  And Chuggie is the most docile of scavengers I have ever seen

Well… rumor has it that there are bets being laid on whether we will adopt Chuggie this time around.  Last we had him, I was on the verge of adopting him despite all of the medical problems.  HART paid for everything and got him healed up but his life is shortened.

The only really negative thing I can say is that Chuggie is thin as a rail.  When we got him, he was riddled with every dog disease he could get and we spent months treating him and getting him healthy.  We ran him in the back yard, gave him lots of food… and we got him into a very healthy state.  But what we got back… is emaciated.  You can feel every rib and beyond his ribs he is a skeleton.  We will fix him up… get him some food… get him some exercise.

But the great thing is… he recognized us… and the other dogs of the house recognized him.  He just fit right in.  At dinner, he curled up in the floor where he always did and he is sleeping where he did when with us.  He remembers the house, the dogs and us.  And oh, how happy he was when I came home from work.  You could power a park with the force of his tail when he first saw me.  It has been just 7 months but he still remembered me.  That was gratifying. (I should note that almost every dog we foster seems to remember us and is ecstatic to see us whenever we visit them.)

So, Chuggie is back with us… and I am just loving this little dog.  With all of the weight loss, his head looks even bigger than before.  But he is just as sweet as he was, just as inquisitive, and just as interesting.  This is a wonderful little dog.  But he won’t make it to 10 years old because of all of the damage of the illnesses he came to us with and the damage from the treatment.  But we need to make his short life a good life.

We will find Chuggie a home.  But until we do… our home is his home.


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