Chuggy: Goodbye

Of course I am crying my eyes out as Chuggie rides down the driveway to leave.  He is going to his new home in South Riding.  While in my heart I know that this is the best thing for him and that he has a wonderful home with loving kids that will keep him company, I cannot help but cry in remorse for not keeping him permanently.  For almost all of the dogs we have fostered, I can keep a separation, but Chuggie is special and one of the few that I truly loved so much that I broke all of the rules.

I will miss the little fuzzy pooch.  He barked for his food in the morning, made happy grumbly noises while he ate, and flopped on his back for a tummy rub whenever I was near.  He was a great companion for taking to work and didn’t get into any trouble.  Despite his medical conditions, he had the most positive outlook on life I have ever seen.

I adored this little dog… but he is gone now… on for his new life with a new family.  I swear we won’t take in any dogs that I can adore.  It is so hard to let them go.


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