Chuggie: I need protection

This morning I fed the dogs and Chuggie was happily eating.  But I didn’t leave the room and it was a good thing.  As soon as Mainard finished his food, he went straight to Chuggie and started stalking him and started to take his food.  I fussed at Mainard and he lowered his head and kept stalking.  I got between them and Chuggie was like a little kid that thought he was getting attention.  He stopped eating and Mainard went for the bowl.  I blocked him and fussed at him.  He continued to stalk and I lowered my voice and said his name like a growl.  He backed off and moved about 6 feet away and kept staring at Chuggie.  I made sure Chuggie finished eating.

I can’t discipline Mainard as he isn’t my dog and not under my care.  But it is clear that Chuggie needs some protection.


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