Chuggie: Ouch

I was in my office listening to a book when there was this loud dog fight that started in the hall.  I jumped up and ran to the dogs and they had already separated.  Apparently the roommate’s dog (Mainard) had a toy and Chuggie tried to play with him.  Mainard attached Chuggie and drew blood.  I grabbed  Chuggie and Remy (because Remy will jump in on any fight) and locked them in the bedroom.

I checked Chuggie and he had two puncture wounds on his chin.  It looks like Mainard got him in the face.  I cleaned his face with water and stopped the bleeding.  He was wagging his tail the entire time and really submissive.  He didn’t growl or act like he would resist me doctoring his wounds.  He just seemed thankful that I was touching him.

I got him cleaned up.  Mike texted me saying that the roommate had sent him a text about the incident.  It was minor but Mainard has been stalking him and being more and more aggressive so this is the proof that I needed to make the point that we need to keep them separated.  Not because that Chuggie is at fault but because Mainard is trying to assert himself and Chuggie is the low man on the totem pole.


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