Chuggie: Should I stay or should I go?

An odd conversation happened this morning.  Apparently Mike has been telling the people at HART that I have fallen for Chuggie, so they have stopped even thinking about marketing him.  Before Mike left for the HART event this morning he said “Are we keeping Chuggie?”.  I was surprised.  I said “No” and he responded that the way I was treating the little dog was the way I have treated dogs that I cried over when they left and often didn’t want to let them go.  We have a standing rule that we don’t foster dogs that I will like and so we take in the more unruly or difficult dogs.

So, in retrospect, he had a legitimate question.  But Chuggie is so sweet and cute that he will be the perfect addition to a family with kids.  He has no aggression and is the most adaptable animal I have seen in a long time.  And he is so soft and cuddly.

So, he will get adopted.  But I will still fall in love with him and I will still cry when he leaves.  That is inevitable with this dog.


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