Chuggie: The adoption fell through

Well, I have good news and bad news.

First the bad news.  Chuggie’s adoption fell through.  Chuggie went off to the vet to get neutered on Wednesday and when we picked him up, it turns out he has a lot of problems.  He has heart worms, Ehrlichia, and he has bad Hip Dysplasia.  This would explain why his rear end is so tiny compared to the rest of his body.

So, with all of his ailments, HART has taken him off the web site for marketing and when the new adoption family was told, they backed out.  They will still adopt a dog and if they haven’t found one by the time we get Chuggie fixed up, they will reconsider.

Now the good news… We get to keep Chuggie longer.  He has the best disposition of any dog I can remember caring for.  Despite his condition, he seems to grin at you and has such a big face that he looks like he is really smiling.  He runs around like a puppy and just loves being pet.  If you lay on the floor with him and pet him, he makes these cute little happy sounds.

I don’t know how someone could give him up voluntarily unless they knew of his condition and couldn’t afford it.  But HART is going to pay to have him treated and we will get him back on the adoption path.


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