Chuggie: The new dog

Chuggie is our latest foster.  He is a cute little thing that looks like someone attached a Saint Bernard’s head onto a Spaniel’s body.  He is 5 years old and was voluntarily surrendered to HART by the family that owned him.  He is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen and so out of proportion in his body that he looks like a cartoon creation.  His fur is soft as cotton and his tail wags so hard that his entire butt wags.

We only have Chuggie for a week.  He is already adopted and will go home to his family next weekend.  So, we are just holding him so that he doesn’t have to go to a kennel.

Here is  Chuggie:




img_20140223_101627-e1395421450615It is hard to really get a perspective on how big his head is in these pictures.



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