Orwell headed to his new home

Mike did the home visit yesterday in Arlington for the family that is adopting Orwell.  Everything went fine so he is going to his new home today.  Mike is driving to Chantilly to do dinner with the HART volunteers and the family is going to meet him at the restaurant to take possession of Orwell.

I must say that Orwell is an odd egg.  He is a good looking dog and mostly has a good temperament.  But I didn’t come to like him at all.  In fact, I will be glad that he is gone.  He barks at all hours of the night at any traffic on the gravel road near the house, doesn’t play well, is dumb as dirt, and he toy aggressive.  He doesn’t have any redeeming qualities as a dog and shows no signs of being loyal.  I have rarely called him “Orwell” during his stay.  I call him “Stupid” and he doesn’t seem to recognize either name.

So, on the way out the door this morning, I pet him on the head and said “Enjoy your new home.  Don’t do anything to get kicked out.  And, get the hell out of my house and don’t ever come back!”  he didn’t even notice I was talking to him.orwell-2013-11-08-1a



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