Orwell gets two applications

Mike texted me that Orwell had gotten two good applications.  One is a family with 2 small children and the other is a couple that has no children.  The HART organization decided to let the family with the 2 children have preference for him so the home visit is scheduled for Thursday.

I have reservations about Orwell being in a home with children.  As an adult I find it difficult to play with Orwell because he bites when playing and he doesn’t know when to stop or back off.  We have worked with him now for 6 weeks and gotten him to be much better, but he is still toy aggressive and he doesn’t obey any commands.  He still runs off whenever he can get out, and he still bites when playing.  So, in my opinion, I don’t think he would be good in a home with children who won’t be able to force him to stop or who will not be able to block him from darting out the front door when they are leaving the house.


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