Orwell is tow aggressive (round 2)

I am off for vacation and we have the new housemate living in the house.  He has a dog and a gate on his room so that our dogs can’t get into his room.  The dog knows how to open the gate and let himself in and out and so all of his toys are in his room.

Unfortunately the dog brought out a bone and Orwell and he got into a fight over the bone.  Orwell took the bone and the two dogs fought like bears with the biggest racket you have ever heard.  You would think they were killing each other.  Turns out the other dog is just a whiney baby and cries a lot.

Anyhow, we tried to get the bone from Orwell but every time we would try to get near him he would growl and be aggressive with us.  I tried holding him down to take the bone and he snapped at me.  Mike and I shoved him in the master bathroom where he couldn’t do much damage and started trying to trick him to give up the bone.  He wouldn’t.

Mike finally got the water bottle and pointed it at him and he cowered in the corner and forgot about the bone.  I kicked it across the bathroom with my foot and put my foot on it.  He lunged for my foot and bit but didn’t get enough connection to make a bruise before Mike tackled him.

We got the bone and gave it back to the other dog.  But this is not a good behavior in a home with kids that might have toys that the dog wants.


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