Orwell escapes

It is the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Mike took Orwell home with him to NY for Thanksgiving so I didn’t have to deal with the dog.  Well, I started getting out the lights to put on the spruce tree in the front yard and left the basement door open.  Orwell found his way to the basement and darted out the door, straight down the drive, out the fence, and straight toward the highway.  He was at a full run the entire time.

I went chasing after him and he took off up to the neighbor’s hard heading away from the highway.  I chased him about a half mile and decided I couldn’t get him back so I ran back to the house and woke Mike up to help me get him.

Mike won’t get up on the weekend before 1pm unless it is something related to a dog.  Food, gifts, noise, nothing.  I can vacuum his room and he won’t wake up.  But if I yell that a dog has a problem he is up in a heartbeat.

So, Mike helped me corner him and we got him back.  He will never be trusted again even in the house.


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