I tried dominating Orwell while playing and successfully put him on the floor on his back, but as soon as I let him up, he went back to biting at me and trying to play.  Additionally, I think this dog is the dumbest creature we have ever fostered.  We have fostered some dumb ones, but this one doesn’t appear to have any intelligence at all.  And he isn’t sweet like a dumb dog normally is.

He sits in the middle of the room and just stares off into space while looking at a wall.  When he looks at you or you talk to him, he doesn’t show any form of recognition of you.  He is a food hound and will sit for food, but otherwise doesn’t learn commands or anything.

About the only good thing I can say about this dog is he is pretty and he sleeps well.  He doesn’t try to get on the bed and just lays in a dog bed on the floor all night.  He is fully house trained but you can’t take him outside, even in the back yard that is fenced, unless you have a leash on him.  If he gets outside without a leash, he runs the fence looking for a way out and the electric wire doesn’t seem to phase him a bit when it shocks him.


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