Hooper: Adoption failure

Well, we got the call this morning that the family wants to return Hooper.  The family is upset that they have to lock Hooper up, they are upset that he is so destructive when he is left alone in the house, and they are upset that when they do lock him in a cage he gets so upset that he gets sick.  They are feeling bad that he is stuck like this.  They want a puppy but they want one that is calm.  About the only type of puppy that is calm is a hound but that isn’t the kind of dog they like.

So, Mike is driving to the Costco in Chantilly to meet the father to get Hooper.  He will be back home with us by noon.

The only bad thing about getting Hooper back is that all of the other dogs in the house were so much happier without him.  Clifford lived upstairs and hid from the house when Hooper was around.  On the day that Hooper left, Cliff turned back into his normal self, started following me around like a puppy again, slept on my bed, and generally was a changed dog.  Kira stopped hiding in my office and started being social again.  So, I suspect that the moment Hooper walks in the door the rest of the dogs will go hide.


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