Hooper: Status update

Mike is all upset that Hooper may be coming back and may not be a good match for the new family.  The father felt bad about locking Hooper in a cage.  Apparently on the first day that Hooper was locked in a cage during the day he barked continuously until the ex-wife got there to get the kids off to school.  Then when everyone was gone and the neighbor came over to check on the dog for the family, he had diarrhea and had messed all in his cage.

So the family gated him in the kitchen on Tuesday so that he would have some freedom.  When they got home after the first day, things were mostly OK.  Then on Wednesday they did the same thing and Hooper apparently got bored and destroyed an electronic picture frame and then pulled the blinds off of all of the windows that he could get to.  He had gotten up on the counter and had made a mess.

The father was pretty upset and is having regrets on taking Hooper home.  But he is going to try to get Hooper accustomed to the home.  Our advice was to let him stay in the crate every day and after a routine has been established, Hooper will settle into it knowing that someone will come home and let him out.  We had locked him in a cage from time to time and although he barked, he didn’t get that much anxiety.


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