Hooper: 3 days with the cone and the foot looks better

The poor little dog doesn’t like the cone and he figured out how to get it off.  He also figured out the doggy door…. well partially.  He figured out how to get out the doggy door with the cone on, but he can’t get back in.  He has free roam of the house and so I will be in my office listening to a book or playing a game and then hear him bark.  Sure enough, he is on the back porch and unable to get back inside.

He is a smart little thing.  He figured out how to get the cone off by just putting his paws up to it and pulling it off his head.  But when I see him starting to do that, I fuss at him and he stops.  That fussing alone has seemed to get him to keep the cone on.  He doesn’t try to take it off if in the room with me.

The knee is looking much better after just 3 days with the cone.  The swelling is down and the bright redness is dissipating.  He still has a big scab on the worst part that he chews on, but he is doing much better.  He runs through the house with that one on and just rams into the walls, furniture, and the other dogs.  It is almost as if he is a battering ram and purposefully slamming into the other dogs.  It doesn’t phase him a bit.  Put a cone on Kira and she lays down and sulks until you take it off.  But this little dog… doesn’t seem to care.


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