Hooper: Bleh…eats hair, and visits our Vet

Melissa came over this morning to cut our hair.  I had to do an installation for a customer and I had forgotten about the appointment.  So, I got up early and logged onto the server to see if anyone was on it and fortunately no-one was.  So, I started the upgrade early and had it done just after Mike finished with his haircut.

While Melissa was cutting my hair, Hooper comes over and starts hoovering up the hair on the floor.  Bheh… that will probably make him sick!!!

Mike took Hooper to our Vet (Dr. Chow) because it has been a month and Hooper’s knee is looking as bad as when he arrived.  Dr. Chow prescribed some antibiotics just in case the lump is an infection and bandaged it up.  Hooper had the bandage off before he got home.  So, I have insisted that he needs to wear the cone.  We will see if it gets better.


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