Hooper the Pooper

Well, we have had Hooper for a week now.  He is a smart little thing and reminds me a lot of Darby.  He is impatient, observant, playful, and mischievous.  Yes, that last part is a particular reminder of Darby.  As a result, we are both more than overly cautious when taking him outside.

Darby was mischievous in a determined way.  He seemed to watch what we would do and if we had a particular affection for an object in the house, he would destroy it whenever he was bored or we left him free in the house.  He was almost predictable in that we knew that whatever the last thing we touched in the room of any value would be the first thing he would go after.  That led us to take on the habit of pretending to like something of little value and then let it be the chaff for him.

But Hooper doesn’t have that same approach to his destruction.  He seems to simply get bored and then go find something easy and convenient.  But you can see his overabundance of energy just boiling over.  He can’t sit still.  And it doesn’t help that he has that big wound on his left front knee.  If we lock him up, even with toys to be destroyed, he will chew that would down to bleeding.  So, he has to wear a cone.

I like Hooper a lot.  Same as I liked Darby a lot.  I could really fall in love with this little dog.  He is so affectionate, so playful, and he is so quick to learn.  He obeys if you fuss at him (just as Darby did), willingly lets y0u put the cone over his head and spins in circles when you take it off.  He even greets me the same as Darby by wrapping his paws around my waist as if to hug me and putting his head on me to get a pat.


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