Hooper: Sliced open foot

It has been quite a while since we fostered a dog due to my accident back in April.  It has just been better to keep the stress and variables low while letting me heal up.

Hooper arrived home today.  He was put in the accidentally put in the kennel instead of a foster home when he arrived.  Normally dogs go to the kennel for holding first and then a foster home is found.  But when a dog is hurt and needs medical attention, the dogs are usually sent directly to a reliable foster home for temporary holding till the medical condition is handled.

Well, Hooper arrived with a 3 inch gash across his right front knee.  So, he was pulled from the kennel as soon as the situation was discovered and we took him in.

Hooper is a Husky mixed with either a lab or a Shepard.  He looks just like a Husky but is small and less muscular.  His hair is wiry and short but he sheds worse than any dog we have had.  He is very shy and nervous.  If you surprise him he will pee everywhere.

He will go to the vet on Saturday to get neutered and get his leg cared for.




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