Holden: long lab



Holden came to our home on Saturday. He kind of looks in a lab but either has really short legs or has some other mix in him that makes his body very long. He is on the smallish side for a lab and has an interesting black, white, and brown muzzle.


Holden is really sweet, very playful, wants to play with everybody and all dogs and doesn’t seem to have any aggression at all. He is not fixed and so he has been humping everything. Clifford just stands there looking all sad. Kira collapses on the floor because her ACL tears make it hard for her to walk even without some dog hanging onto her butt. But Remy gets aggressive. Remy growls, barks, lunges at Holden every time he gets close to him. But Holden keeps trying.

Holden is very affectionate. He comes into my office all waggy and then tries to crawl up on me. He doesn’t understand “NO!” and just keeps trying to crawl up on you. If you are eating dinner he begs like there is no tomorrow.

Remy seems upset and jealous over Holden. Remy has been overly affectionate with me. So, while Mike has Holden upstairs, Remy is glued to me. Usually I can get Remy to sleep on the dog bed, but since Holden has been in the house, he jumps on the bed and pushes up against me.


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