Duckie: beagle/lab mix foster


duckie-2013-01-06-1Mike brought home the latest foster yesterday.  Well, it isn’t really a foster.  We are dog sitting a foster while the foster family takes vacation.

It is a very small dog that looks a lot like a lab but is small like a beagle.  Has floppy black ears and is very energetic.  He is incredibly inquisitive and smart as a whip.  He can stand up on his back legs and walk around.  When you play with him, he boxes with you and if you throw something, IF HE RETRIEVES IT, he prances around and then drops it before he comes back to you.

He has an interesting habit.  He searches rooms for toys, takes them, runs upstairs, and deposits them all in a pile in Mike’s office.  He is a clepto!

Duckie is a sweet little dog and I can’t imagine why he hasn’t been adopted yet.  Just a joy to have around.  After the first day Mike saw that I was liking the little dog and so he arranged for the dog to leave very quickly.  So, he is going home on Thursday.




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