Loredo: Back again for a visit

The woman that adopted Loredo needed to take a vacation and so she asked Mike what kennel HART recommended.  Mike offered to take the dog to our house for the duration.  The owner offered to pay us to take care of him, but we asked her to just donate to HART instead.

So, on Monday morning Mike went out in the morning and got Loredo and then took him to work with him.

Loredo is a sweet dog so taking care of him is easy.  He is house trained, knows the dog door, and gets along with our dogs.  His only bad quality is that he licks like a miniature dog.  Get any skin near him and his tongue starts flapping.

He looks great.  Still as fit as we got him to (remember from past posts that he was emaciated when we got him and his hair had turned grey as if bleached) and his hair looks great.  Like all Chesapeake Retrievers, he is oily as can be.  But he just was happy as could be when he saw me.  All of the dogs, except Clifford, seemed to love playing with him.

Clifford is still standoffish with him.  And Clifford stays in the basement if Loredo is running around on the first floor.

But Loredo has one bad habit that is terrible.  He gets up at 3:30am (which is apparently his new schedule on the horse farm) and gets a toy.  He jumps on the side of the bed and pushes that cold nose against you with the toy wanting to play.  He spends at least 30 minutes pestering you till you finally yell at him.  Then you feel terrible because he puts his head down and walks into the hall, drops his toy, and then goes outside and sits on the porch.

So, I go get him and pet him.  He jumps around like crazy and wants to play.  So, after a bit of play, I can get him to lay down with a bone or something and get a few more hours of sleep before needing to get up for work.

It’s hard to be angry with Loredo.  He is so sweet, so intelligent, and he has expressive facial expressions.  He just loves to play.  He reminds me of why I was almost ready to adopt him but glad he got adopted.


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