Hachi: Giving up

I had a bad day on Thursday.  Coming home to a dog that keeps stalking and biting me from every corner is just beyond annoying.  HART offered to have a trainer come out and observe the behavior and provide guidance.  But Mike had taken Hachi to work with him and found the same behavior when it was just one-on-one with some men.  When in groups of 4 or so people he behaves normally.  But when you have 2 or even 3 people, he gets aggressive and barks at people.  So, the behavior isn’t unique to me.

But I really lost it when Hachi was upstairs and I had gone to bed.  He came downstairs, looked in the door to my bedroom, and then pissed while looking at me.  I yelled and he calmly stopped and walked upstairs.  Mike came downstairs and cleaned it up.

And, quite frankly, with everything else that is going on right now, I just don’t have the patience for this.  I have done the things that I am “allowed” to do.  Mike has prohibited me from dominating the dog and just taking a harsh stance with the dog.  A big part of it is that the moment I move toward him to catch him or show any aggression, he expresses his anal glands and then he just stinks. And he is so hairy that it is really hard to get him cleaned up. So, if I am this limited, I don’t see a way out of this with Hachi.

So, I told Mike that Hachi could stay till he was adopted but there had to be rules.  We have imposed rules before on difficult dogs but these are the most harsh for Mike.  The dog has to stay tethered with a leash whenever I am in the house.  He can’t have free run of the house and hast to be locked behind gates upstairs when he is not on a leash.  If Mike is going to be out while I am home, the dog will be locked in a cage or he will be tied on a leash to my leg.  Mike must feed the dog each morning and evening (which is hard on him because he is not an early bird).



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