Hachi: Untrained new dog

Yes, this is being posted at 3am.

We got this new dog in to foster on Saturday night.  It looks like a mix of a Chow and a German Shepard.  Looks like it could be a pretty dog.  Mike locked the other dogs out of the bedroom upstairs and slept with the dog to get him comforted.  He was living in a kennel and so he isn’t house trained and Mike didn’t want him free in the house.

Saturday night went OK except that the dog seemed scared to death of me.  Then on Sunday, further proof that the dog was skittish around me.  He hides behind Mike and only comes near me when I am playing with the other dogs.  When I hug and pet on any of the other dogs, he runs over and tries to hump them.  If I try to touch him, he scrambles off and looks at me.  His tail stays curled up, but otherwise he won’t come near me.

Well… Sunday comes and goes with Mike taking care of Hachi.  Then it is bed time.  So, tonight, Mike decides to lock him in the bathroom with a gate.  He barked and made noise for an hour or so wanting out of the “pen”.  Then at about 3am I hear Mike moving around and I go to check and find that he has pooped everywhere and peed all over the bathroom.  What a mess.  I mean a real mess.  And frustrating as all get out because I had spent most of the day on Sunday cleaning the house and scrubbing the bathrooms with bleach.

Well… so at 3am we are now both up and Mike takes Hachi outside while I got out a dust pan lined with paper and scooped up the poo from everywhere.  That dog must have been fully of poo… gees!  The rugs were soaked… and so I put them in the washer… and then bleached the floor because the yellow was staining the grout.

Time for a second attempt at bed.


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