Hachi: New Year’s eve…

What an interesting way to spend New Year’s eve.  Mike went to a HART party, I am making french bread ( I am on this bread kick) and Hachi is in the basement in a cage.

Why a cage?  Because he bites me and charges me whenever I turn my back to walk.  It started Saturday night and I dismissed it.  Then on Sunday he was nipping at me but running away from me when I tried to approach him.  Then tonight when it was feeding time he wouldn’t come to his food and instead tried to get Kira’s.  She got nasty… he backed off.. and I grabbed him by the collar and drug him into the pantry where foster dogs are fed.  This is where he was fed on Saturday and on Monday morning.  He ate with me in the room with him and then I opened the door.  He took off like a shot.

Then Mike came down and was fussing about why he heard the scrambling nails on the floor and I told him I tackled Hachi to get him into the closet to eat.

Well… that was the beginning.  Every time I walked around, Hachi would run up behind me and bite me on the back of the leg.  Usually the calf.  Finally, I watched and grabbed him and sat in a chair with him on his back.  He gave in… but struggled like most dogs.  I let him down and he stayed away for a while. But then started biting at me again.

He was biting at me whenever Mike was around and so I charged him and started treating him like an aggressive dog would treat him.  I walked down the hall just as he came down the opposite side and he didn’t seem to realize I was there and when he was startled by me, he bit at me, and I grabbed him by the collar.  He expressed his anal glands, and Mike got terribly upset that I had tormented the dog.  I stood my ground that this was my house and the dog should learn to get along.

Mike took another stance and took into protection.  Mike was going to a New Year’s party with HART so he had to get showered.  He got cleaned up and then came into my office and said “I will stay here with Hachi since you and he are not getting along”.  I said that he should go the party and lock Hachi in the dog cage like a dog should be treated if he is not able to adapt.  He reluctantly finished getting cleaned up and went to the party.

Hachi has been in the cage all evening barking.  He hasn’t stopped since he was put in the cage.  But he hates me and every time I get near him he cowers and when I turn to walk away, he bites me on the leg.  I tried sitting in a chair and holding him in my lap with him on his back, but he doesn’t seem to get that.  All other dogs have… but he doesn’t give in.  So… he will be in a cage till he is adopted.

Ultimately… Hachi needs to go to a home where the family doesn’t trigger this behavior.  He took an immediate dislike to me… so there is something about me that he hates.

So… here I sit.. about to turn in the new year… baking French Bread while a dog is in a cage in the basement barking its head off.  What a grand way to start the New Year.



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