Darby: Found his original collar

About a year after we got Darby he lost his collar.  We bought new tags and a new cloth collar and kept it on him all the time.  He eventually lost at least 2 more collars.  We found one on the other side of the fence where he must have gotten it hung on the fence and backed out of it.

Well, I was cleaning out brush today and pulled up a big dogwood bush that I had planted when we first bought the house.  As I was clearing the brush, I saw something shiny at the base of the bush.  I picked it up and it was an old leather collar identical to Remy’s.  I wiped off the tags to find it was Darby’s collar dated 2009.  My eyes filled with tears as I was forced to think about that sweet little pooch.

We figure that he was running around the cedar bushes trying to get the big fat bunny rabbit that was always teasing him and got it hung in the bush.  He probably backed out of it and kept chasing the bunny.

I soaked it in soapy water, cleaned it off, and then hung it with the collars from all of my other dogs that have been put down or passed.


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