Raven: Channeling Darby

I am really surprised that Raven hasn’t been adopted.  She is a beautiful little dog and just the sweetest thing.  But as we have gotten to know her, I have no doubt that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, then it occurred with Darby being reincarnated as Raven.

I really like this little dog for all the reasons that I loved Darby so much.  But given that Darby was one of the most frustrating dogs I have ever had, a big part of me just can’t see adopting her for fear of repeating the history of Darby.

Yesterday, I did something I use to do with Darby. She was in the kitchen watching me cook, and turned to walk to the water bowl.  I leaned down and grabbed her back hips and went “BOOO!” and she did just like Darby by tucking tail, running forward about 3 feet, and then spinning around standing on her back legs and just boxed with me like a kangaroo.  That was so much fun with Darby and it is fun with Raven.

After getting dinner started, she was begging, and I started to walk away.  She was watching the counter (she does steal food from the counter or your hand) but keeping an eye on me, and as I turned the corner, I took off running.  She started scrambling to run after me with her feet not getting traction on the hard wood and it was just hilarious.  Just like Darby.

Once she started going, I ran from her and then grabbed a column and did a sharp 90 degree turn.  She couldn’t stop to make the turn and went sliding down the hall with her feet scrambling to get traction on the hard wood.  Then she came after me again and I did the same over and over running around the kitchen which is an island in the middle of the house.

In the morning she gets up and wants to play.  She runs through the house at full speed and leaps onto the bed.  I cover my head under the sheets and she just pounces on me searching for a way under the sheets.  Just like Darby.

And she has Darby’s attention span.  She will be doing next to nothing and then get distracted with some noise and then will take off on her own looking for it till she hears another noise.  But about ever hour she will just appear and check on me to see what I am doing.  Just like Darby.  No matter where he was, he would stop and come running to visit me, give me a lick, and run back to whatever has distracted him.  Raven does the same thing.

What is most concerning though is that she is just like Darby in that she doesn’t stay with the pack when outside.  She does her own thing and I would bet that if she ever got out without a leash, she would take off just like Darby which leads me to believe that she would also meet Darby’s fate.  She is smaller than Darby and can easily slip through he fence just like Darby did.

So… while I really would love to adopt her, I worry about repeating the years of destruction from Darby.  I don’t think we would ever be able to leave her out in the house without her destroying the house.



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