Raven: no adoption yet

Well.. I am not at all unhappy that this sweet little pooch hasn’t been adopted.  I just can’t figure out why she hasn’t been adopted.

Every morning at 5:30am she is up and make me get up to let her out and feed her.  The other dogs just ride along enjoying the early feeding.  No matter the day or the situation… she is on her own clock.  But after feeding, it is such a pleasure to have her jump in the bed and pounce on me and the other dogs.  It is like a mini version of Darby.  I suppose that is why I like her so much.  She has Darby’s personality and I suspect she has his destructiveness.

Yes, I loved Darby and I mourned his death for over a year.  I just now am able to go to his grave and not break down in tears.  Raven reminds me so much of Darby and all of the happiness that he brought to the house.  Just the overwhelming enthusiasm for living, the fun of anything new, and the inquisitiveness to investigate anything as simple as a bug.  Raven is all of this.  I really want to keep her but I know it isn’t right and we don’t need 4 dogs.

Interestingly, Kira usually hates female dogs but something about Raven being a puppy makes Kira and all of the other dogs just accept her and put up with her playful biting and bouncing on them.  Kira clearly is maintaining her alpha dominance for the house and growls but has never been nasty with Raven.  The dogs usually don’t let a newcomer to the house have a first chance.  They put them in their place.  But with Raven, they seem to just let her be as goofy as she is.  Something about being a pup and them recognizing her age.  It is surprising none the less.

Well.. I would love to keep Raven forever.  She is just the perfect dog for me.  But Kira is in her twilight and she doesn’t have many years left.  So, it is better to let Kira live in peace thinking that she is the focus of all of my attention without fear that another dog is taking her place.  After she passes in a few year it will be right to consider a new dog.

So, I won’t keep Raven… but I will miss her when she is gone.  I really have fallen in love with her. But I also know what is best for both her and me. Timing is everything.


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