Raven: A smart little dog

Well.. I hope that Raven gets adopted very soon.  Not because I don’t want her… but exactly the opposite.  I am quickly falling in love with this little menace.  She is just so sweet, so incredibly affectionate, and into everything.  She is smart as can be and has learned the doggy door faster than any other dog we have had.  She now goes out, does her business, and comes back in.

The greatest thing about this little wiggly dog is that she is a greeter.  Our dogs just kind of assume that when we get home they will get food… and they come and go wanting attention as it hits them.  But Raven is a greeter.  When you get home, it is like her entire being is excited to see you.  She wags her tail and it translates to her entire body.  She is just one big undulating wag with her little tongue lapping at you as fast as she can.  She is just such a joy to see.  Even when you have had a bad drive or a bad day, this little dog just makes all of your problems go away.

And the other dogs just seem to understand that she is a puppy and they put up with being mauled, chewed on, and nipped at.  Even old Remy just grumbles while she is pouncing on him, jumping on his back, and chewing on his legs.  Remy… the dog that never liked any other dog when he was separated from his companion from Hurricane Katrina.  Remy… the grumpy old bear of a dog… seems to like her and play with her… or at least tolerate her.

If you put her on a leash… she is happy and she darts around biting at the leash and playing the entire time.  She is just a bundle of happiness. Just happy with everything that you throw at her and happy that anything is interacting with her.  I wish life could be as feckless as she seems to perceive it.

So, I need this dog to get adopted fast.  I am very quickly falling in love with her and I just can’t have that.  After Darby, I just don’t want to love a dog so much that it hurts so bad to lose it.  And this one will get adopted… but I just hope I haven’t fallen for her by time she gets taken.


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