Raven: The new pooch

After the event today, Mike arrived with a new pooch. A black lab puppy that is about 8 months old.  The original owners gave her to HART for financial reasons and said that they had been walking her and training her.  She has no training… at all… and isn’t house trained. By the end of the week she will be house trained.

She is a cute little black lab that s really energetic.  We usually don’t foster females because Kira gets so upset.  But this is an exception.  She is a pretty dog, shows well, and will probably be adopted quickly.  So, we might have her for 2 weeks to train and prepare her.

I put her on her back and she didn’t care at all… thought it was a game.  She is definitely a puppy.  She jumped all over Remy and he just stood there and occasionally let out a groan indicating he wasn’t happy… but he wasn’t mad.  Odd thing… in dog world… it seems that they recognize a puppy and just let it do anything that they normally wouldn’t tolerate.

Kira ran to my office and just hid from her.  Raven is a ball of energy… She runs around… sniffs, and plays.  She doesn’t sniff like a dog investigating… she just runs around interacting with anything she comes in contact with and sniffs.  Totally a puppy.




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