Clay: Going back to the kennel

Well… it could have been a lot worse… but fortunately it isn’t.  I wasn’t here for it so this is second hand information from Mike who was here.

The neighbor was driving his tractor and the dogs were in the garage barking at the tractor.  All of a sudden Clay attacks Clifford ripping up his rear left leg and biting his tummy.  Had Mike not gotten them separated, he could have really hurt or killed Clifford.  Mike was just horribly upset and texted me with the F word that he almost never uses.  He took Clifford to the emergency room and they checked him out and stitched him up.  Now he is limping pretty bad.

So, Mike called around and everyone in HART agreed that there is something wrong between Clay and Clifford and that he needs to leave our care.  So, Clay is going back to the kennel as we don’t have any fosters that can take him in.  It is really too bad because as I type this he is sitting here with his head in my lap wanting to be pet and he seems to know that something is wrong.

I’ll miss Clay.  I really liked him.  He falls asleep when you rub his tummy, he is incredibly affectionate, and he doesn’t care in the least if you pick him up and hold him on his back.  He just adores attention.  He is a great watch dog for the house.  But he and Clifford don’t get along.  So, he has to be moved.



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