Clay: Interesting pooch

Pooch… an interesting term… the term given to any dog that we take in that my friend… Will… doesn’t know the name for.  A dog with no name is a Pooch.

Will and I returned from West Virginia where we helped run a water line to the farm house to the city water supply.  It was one of the most physically intensive weekends I have spent in a long time and when I got home on Sunday (left on Friday) I could barely stand up.  But I came home to a new dog.  Clay.

Clay is a mix of something like a black lab and a boxer.  High energy… very docile… and just a sweet little muscular dog.  Man… this dog is all muscle and makes him look like a Pit.  And… his previous owners docked his tail and his ears so that he looks more like a pitt than anything.  But he isn’t a pitt.

Clay is a sweet little dog of about 5 to 7 years that is just…. well… sweet.  He is completely house trained, smart, and obedient.  He takes commands well… and seems like a perfect dog for someone that just wants a companion.


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