Clay: A sweet little dog again

Clay is a sweet dog… there is no doubt… but he has an instinct… that is…. to dominate any other dog that he can… and to kill anything that it smaller than him.

With that introduction… I have to explain. It turns out that Clay… like Darby… will corner and tree any prey that he goes after. But unlike Darby…. Clay seems to think that the neighbor’s cats are also prey.  Darby went after birds… shook them from trees… but largely stayed with birds.  Occasionally he would go after the groundhogs when the other dogs formed a pack with him… but when alone… it was just birds.

But Clay… seems to want to kill anything that isn’t a dog.  This is bad.  This is not what gets a dog adopted… but it is what he has an instinct for.

Now… while you are reading this in horror for your cat… or pet hedgehog… remember… this dog falls asleep when you scrub his tummy and he is obedient beyond anything I have ever seen.  One reprimand and he never repeats the mstake.  If you feed him after another dog he knows his place in the pack.  And if you fuss for jumping on the bed… he never jumps again.

But he has an instinct to kill anything smaller than him.  So… we should factor this into everything.


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