Sparky: Adopted

Mike came home from the adoption event today and said that Sparky had a good adoption and that the lady that wants him will take him next Saturday. She wants to spend the first week at home with him so she is going to arrange to take a week off from work for vacation to stay with Sparky.

Mike didn’t say much about the person or the environment other than that she has a fence and seems like a good fit.  He will do the home inspection this week and she will come to the adoption event next Saturday to pick him up and take him home.  Mike already did the vet check so everything is looking good.

Sparky has been an interesting foster.  One of the longest we have had.  He isn’t a bad dog, is very well house trained, is smart, and is a happy greeter at the door.  But he is just a bit older than most people want and he has quirks in his personality that make him unfit for a household with children or anyone that might pick at or annoy him. He is a loner and doesn’t really run with the pack but that fits in perfectly with his new home.  He grew up as an only dog and will now be an only dog again.

I might just miss Sparky.


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