Sparky: An application


Sparky isn’t the sweetest dog and he has issues with anyone touching his paws.  But after one of the logest foster’s we have done, he finally has an application.  The family came this weekend and liked Sparky.  We got a followup application on Sunday and it looks like a good application.

Sparky is interesting in that he is 7 years old and training or teaching him has been difficult.  I have worked with him and tried to teach him to accept people touching his paws.  But he resists without biting.  He was incredibly sensitive about his tail but we were able to get him to adjust and let us tug on his tail and play with it in time.  So, he can be trained.

Well… there is interest in this little dog.  He really is a good dog once he adjusts to his new home.  So he needs time and patience.  The family that has applied for him is aware of his insecurities.  They will be coming to the event next Saturday and if everything works out, we will have finally gotten Sparky adopted.


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