Loredo: Adoption complete


That first picture is what we took in back in April.  At the bottom of the post is what he looked like when he left.  What a remarkable change in hair color and fitness.

Loredo left yesterday with his new owner.  She was an incredibly nice woman who has horses.  She spent time just talking with us about him and is fully prepared for his puppyish behavior.  She has fostered late life hounds that have been rescued after they were to old to fox hunt any longer.  But she said that she wanted a dog that would last more than a few years and so Loredo was perfect.  He energetically hopped in her car and she took him home to Upperville.

Today Kira was behaving oddly.  She was overly needy and she seemed to mope around.  Sparky also was behaving differently.  Clifford, on the other hand, was back to his normal goofy self.  He didn’t like Loredo and didn’t tolerate Loredo constantly jumping on him and biting his neck.  Clifford is the reason Loredo has a scar across his nose.  So, Clifford did a lot of sleeping away from the pack to avoid Loredo.  But today I played the piano and Clifford came and laid down beside me like he always did before Loredo came to the house.

The change in mood for the dogs is more likely that they are uncertain since the routine has changed.  Dogs like consistency in their lives and so any change is met with a bit of uneasiness.

But suffice to say, I will miss Loredo.  He was a fun dog.



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