Loredo: Adoption Imminent

Well… as always ends up happening, Loredo got adopted.  When we took him in we thought it would only be a week or two.  But his nappy fur on his rear and his chewed up looking tail just turned people off.  He didn’t have any manners and he nipped at everyone.  So, over the past few months of training him, teaching him some tricks like sit, stay, and paw, and his hair growing in all the same color he has finally gotten adopted.  He is a really pretty dog now that his hair has grown.  I can only guess that he was under some extreme stress that caused the unusual grey patterns in the hair on his butt and the nappy tail must have been him chewing on it and pulling the hair out.

He is a sweet dog and just before I left to got to Atlanta on the 26th, I thought to tell Mike that I think we should adopt him.  But as is always the case, when a dog gets trained, and he is good looking, he gets adopted.  He is going to a family that has horses and he will be just a companion dog to the family.  He will have constant attention.  He won’t have other dogs to play with but he hasn’t really played with anyone other than Sparky. Clifford doesn’t like him at all, and Kira is the queen and doesn’t care about any dog other than herself.  Remy has never played with any dog since Riley was taken away.

Anyhow, I have had fun with Loredo.  He is smart, young, and playful.  He seems to just be enjoying everything around him.  I won’t miss being woke up at 5:30 by him wanting to play and I won’t miss the wet kisses up and down my arm.  Well… Maybe I will.  He is just an incredible dog.  And now that his fur has grown back in, he has been trained with a few tricks, trained to have manners around people, and trained limit his crazy tongue so that he doesn’t give you a bath when he wants affection.  He is a big dog with a puppy mind.  And he really wants to pleas everyone around him.

But, when we went on vacation the first of August, we let him stay with a family in the HART group that fosters dogs, and he got terribly upset and had the runs until he came back to us.  So clearly he is a feeling and thinking dog.  He really likes it here and I hope he adjusts to his new home.  The new place is so far away that I will never visit him after his adoption. So today I have spent the day with him.  Playing with him, and just enjoying his personality.

Tomorrow he will leave and I will never see him again.  That is sad, but happy at the same time.  Had we not fostered Loredo, he would have been locked in a kennel and possibly stayed grey and chewed up all the time… which would have prolonged his imprisonment till he was an adult.  Instead, at this age, and with proper care and training, he has turned out to be a wonderful dog that will immediately be a wonderful addition to a family.  And if anything goes wrong (which has never happened), he will be returned to us to continue to foster till we find the perfect home.  But this place he is going to is the perfect home for him.

Farewell Loredo.  I really enjoyed you.  You pissed in my house, you fought with my dogs, and you learned how to fit into a family.  Enjoy your life with a wonderful forever home.


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