Sparky: finally understood

Sparky is a strange foster.  We have had him for more than 6 months and that is unusual.  He isn’t a candidate for an average family, and isn’t a particularly attractive dog. He has bad manners and isn’t really show-able in marketing events.

Ultimately I don’t think Sparky will ever be adopted. He is 8 years old now and there hasn’t been any applications for him. Partly because he isn’t going to the marketing events, but at the same time… he isn’t really a “standard” dog.  He has bad habits and he isn’t sociable.  But today i worked with him and figured out one of his problems.

He hates for is paws to be touched.  He just hates it ans growls and whines if you touch them.  Even if you gently come up to him and pet him, hug him, and are close to him. But if you touch his paws, he growls and is whiny.  He doesn’t bite and doesn’t get nasty but does growl and gets angry.

Sparky definitely has problems with people touching his paws.



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