Loredo: Looking good!!!

We got back from our trip to Alaska on Friday night (or rather 1am Saturday morning) and all of the dogs were in good shape.  Loredo had been farmed out to HART fosters (Lex and Leslie) and Sparky had been sent to another family.

On Saturday Mike picked up the dogs and brought them home with him after the HART event.  Apparently Loredo had not adjusted well to being in a cage all day and had gotten explosive diarrhea.  When he got home he was like a Tasmanian devil running around the house.

One thing that we noticed about Loredo is that his nappy tail and his bleached looking rear end have been slowly changing color.  But when living with him day after day the change is so gradual that you don’t notice it.  So, after being gone for 10 days it was striking that his hair was so different.  Most of the grey/yellow is now gone and the hair on his tail is growing back.  We are guessing that he must have been pretty stressed or something and possibly left out in the sun to have him look as mangy as he did when we first got him.

So, Loredo looks great.  He is a good looking dog and is very inquisitive.  He investigated every room and was just thrilled to be home.  He is a very happy dog and very friendly.  He watches everything that is going on and sniffs, licks, and nudges anything that is new in a room.

But he still has the problem that he gets overly excited and gets into trouble.  Well, not trouble as much as he does things that are concerning.  Like if you pet him, he lays down and just loves to be pet, but then when you stop, he jumps up and nips at you.  It seems that his method of getting attention is to nip and bite at your clothing.  This is what is keeping him from getting adopted because there is a lot of concern over him nipping a child.  He doesn’t break skin and immediately when he finds that he has more than just your shirt or pants leg, he lets go.

We have been trying to teach him not to nip and he is getting better.  He has substituted nipping with licking.  So, now you find that if he wants attention, he comes at you with his tongue flipping 90 miles an hour and you end up slobbered on.  But that is a lot better than nipping.  And the jumping on you when he greets you has stopped.

All of these bad habits will be fixed up in time.  I just hope it is before I fall in love with him and his adorable face.  He is a really good looking dog, very tolerant, very obedient, and a great companion.  He just has some bad habits.


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