Loredo: Learning to Fetch

I have everything ready for my trip on Thursday and so I went outside and sat on the front porch in the rocking chair in the morning sun to read a new book.  I took Kira with me but left all of the other dogs locked inside the house.

Apparently they were unhappy and were standing at the door which frustrates Mike so he got his butt out of bed and came down to let them out.  So, I was sitting in peace with Kira playing with a ball when the other 4 dogs come running around the corner.  The first thing they did was take Kira’s ball and then they slimed me looking for other balls.

But Loredo did his usual happy prance around the other dogs without any real focus.  He just ran with them and stayed in the pack but didn’t have any goals.  I went inside and got a ball for each of the other dogs and threw them in the yard.

Of course Loredo went crazy chasing the other dogs but didn’t chase a ball.  They all brought their balls back to me and I started throwing them as they returned.  Loredo chased each dog and then ran back to wait for the next dog to return.  Then something happened.  I threw the ball and Remy didn’t see where it went but Loredo did.  So, Loredo takes off and gets the ball.  He stands there in the yard with the ball looking around and then starts running back to me.

But, half way to me, he got distracted by something and dropped the ball and went off in another direction.  Remy grabbed the ball and brought it back.  Loredo eventually came back after chasing one of the other dogs and then remembered the ball.  He ran to the spot where he dropped the ball but it wasn’t there.  He seemed to get distracted again and took off toward the garden and then chased one of the other dogs.

Later on, he spotted a ball in the yard and took off and got it.  This time he brought it all the way back to me but then didn’t know what to do.  He watched the other dogs and eventually brought it to me and pushed it against my leg.  I took it and he seemed happy.

When I threw his ball, he looked at it as it sailed through the air and then started chasing the other dogs.  He didn’t seem to figure out that I threw it for him and I am guessing he was wondering why I took his ball and then threw it away.

But it appears that his instinct to chase the ball and bring it back are developing.



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