Sparky: Back home

During the middle of the week Mike got a call from the fosters that were taking care of Sparky.  Remember that we had pushed Sparky to another foster family so that we could take in Loredo.  But they had a planned vacation and so they brought Sparky by on Friday.  That leaves us with a house filled with dogs.  Clifford, Remy, Kira, Loredo, Sparky and Marigold.  4 dogs is a lot…. but 6 is incredibly difficult to manage especially when 2 of them don’t know how to use the doggy door.

Sparky is a spunky little creature and a dog that is unlikely to get adopted.  And he picks fights with most other new dogs.  He lit into Marigold fairly quickly but she held her ground and they accepted their place in the house.  Fortunately, Marigold’s family will come to get her on Monday so we will be back down to 5 dogs until the fosters come back for Sparky.

On another note, Sparky wasn’t the best dog when it came to affection.  He would occasionally come in and want to be pet but otherwise he didn’t interact much.  But when I got home from work on Friday, Sparky was the first to greet me at the door, and he jumped all over me like a puppy.  I’ve never seen him so happy.  Sparky appears to really like staying with our little pack.



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