Loredo & Marigold: Playmates

Last night one of the people that works with me brought his dog named Marigold over for me to dog sit while he is on vacation.  She had stayed with me when she was a puppy and so I figured that she would remember the house and fit right in.

After her owner left, she went to the door and camped.  Any time I walked into the kitchen, she would jump up and want to go out the door that she had come in.  She wanted to go home.

After she seemed to realize she wasn’t going home, she stuck with me every moment she could.  She came into my office, but Kira didn’t like that at all and growled so Marigold sat in a corner.  I got out some Ritz crackers and gave one to Marigold.  She took it gingerly and then set it down and looked at me.  Then I gave one to Kira who munched it down rapidly.  She watched Kira for a bit and then picked up her cracker and ate it.  She then got up and came over to my desk.  I pet on Kira so that she would stay calm and let Marigold stand beside Kira.  No growling between them… and so the evening went well.

At bedtime I locked Kira, Marigold and Loredo in my bedroom with a doggy gate.  I put Kira on the bed as usual and Loredo crawled under the bed as usual.  I took Marigold’s bedding that her owners had brought with her and laid it on a doggy bed beside my bed.  When I turned out the lights, she wandered around the room for a bit, and then I heard her curl up on her blanket on the doggy bed.

In the morning I woke up and she was sleeping on the doggy bed.  When I got up, she bounded around and with excitement and acted like part of the pack.  I took her outside and she peed.  Then we came back inside and I fed all of the dogs and she ate hers slowly but she didn’t hesitate.  I kept the other dogs away and locked Loredo in the pantry.  Loredo tends to run from bowl to bowl and try to take food even when the other dogs are still eating.  This is dangerous with Kira as she will let him have it.  So he always gets locked in the pantry during feeding until everyone finished.

After feeding, I took them out in the back yard.  Clifford clearly doesn’t like Loredo and won’t play with him like he did with Darby.  He goes up on top of the hill in the back yard and just sits there looking back at the house.  He looks like a statue.  Loredo runs up to him and if he pushes Clifford too much, Loredo will get growled at and Loredo will just run down the hill and pester another dog.  Kira won’t play with other dogs and Remy is just an old man that doesn’t want to play.

But Marigold was in the yard and when Loredo ran up to her, she started running and playing with him.  Clifford took notice and stood up.  Marigold ran up to Clifford and held her head and tail really high.  Clifford did the same.  Then Marigold lunged at Clifford and Clifford put his head over her shoulders.  She didn’t do anything and so he had dominated her.  Now she was his playmate and she and Clifford just wrestled around in the yard like Darby and Clifford use to do.

Well, Loredo wasn’t going to let them play alone and so he kept trying to play with the two of them.  They kept moving their wrestling around to get away from Loredo but finally gave up and Marigold came back to the house and wanted in.  Seeing Marigold on the deck, Loredo comes running across the yard at full speed, leaps onto the porch, and then runs through the doggy door.  I looked in the window and he was running through the house at high speed, then down the hall, then he comes back from the hall, around the kitchen, and out the doggy door.  He leaps off the porch, runs around the yard, then back to the porch and into the doggy door and back through the house.  He was just running at full speed.

Clifford was back on the hill sitting there watching everything and Kira was sitting beside me as she always does.  Finally Marigold went to the glass door and I let her in.  Clifford kept sitting on the back hill for quite a while and finally came moseying into the house.  He then went to the top of the stairs and sat on the walkway that overlooks the downstairs.  Marigold went upstairs and started investigating, Kira went into my office, and Loredo just wandered from dog to dog and room to room.  Loredo just seems to never run out of energy.

When I left, they were all in the kitchen staring out the big glass window watching me drive away in the truck.  Mike is working from home today so they are all free to roam and get use to each other.


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