Loredo: What is this ball for?

I woke up this morning (Sunday) and it was a very nice breezy day at about 70 degrees F.  So, I gathered up 4 balls and took all 4 dogs out in the front yard.  Normally I just take Kira out on Sunday mornings and throw the ball with her so that the other dogs don’t take her ball or run over her.  She is so old that she has trouble running and gets tired easily.

Anyhow, I pulled the porch rocker into the sun and sat facing into the breeze.  The dogs would come up and put their ball in front of me and I would throw it.  Loredo didn’t know what to do.  He chased Remy or chased Clifford but never understood what the ball was for.

Then on one pass where he kept seeing the dogs bringing the ball back to me, he picks up the 4th ball and comes prancing back to me with the ball.  He didn’t know about setting it down so he just put his head in my lap with the ball in his mouth.  He let me take the ball without any problem and when I threw it, he ran to the edge of the deck and looked through the bars at it, and then turned back to me.  Then Clifford came back with his ball and Loredo chased Clifford as Clifford ran after the ball when I threw it.

But when he was following Clifford back, he diverted off the path and ran the ball I had thrown for him and picked it up and brought it back.  This repeated a couple of times and then he seemed to get the understanding that he was to go get his ball.  So, before the session was over (about 1.5 hours) he was running off the porch to get his ball and bringing it back.

When we were all done, all of the dogs were just panting and tired and we went back inside.  They all drank lots of water and then laid down panting.  Clifford went to the basement and laid on the concrete panting.


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