What are the dog’s names?

Whenever we take in a dog, it always has a name given by HART but that name seldom sticks.  In almost all cases, after we have learned the personality of the dog, we adjust the name.  It is usually a derivative of the HART name, but sometimes it is not.  For instance, Clifford is called “Bugs” or “Bug Dug”.  Kira is often called “Kiekerpooker”.  And Remy is often called “Remington”.  I haven’t ever really figured out how the names come about, but they just do.  Over time, after living with a dog for a while, you just realize that the name isn’t appropriate and you adjust it.  Or over time you find that they have a strange habit that is funny or definitive of their life.  But as in “But dug” it can just simply be something random that just seems better and the dog responds to it better than the name originally given.

So, dogs have official names and they have nick names.  But the nick names rarely stick once the dog has been adopted to a permanent home.  So, I suppose we are just teaching the dog a secret name.  Whenever we see a dog that we have fostered and call it by its nickname, the dog always responds and seems to remember us and seems overly jubilant to be with us.  The lesson from this is that fostering isn’t just a short term thing.  Evern 4 weeks at our house has a huge impact on the dogs life and memory.  They seem to remember it and recognize it.  And upon meeting up with a dog that we have once fostered, they always seem to long to be around us.  This is what makes fostering so worthwhile…. they really seem to appreciate and remember what we have done for them.


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