Laredo: Scaredy dog!

Laredo went to the vet early Tuesday morning for his surgery. Mike picked him up at about 8pm and he was still groggy from the sedative. He slept upstairs in a cage with Remy gated in the room with him. At about 2am he needed to go outside, so Mike let him out. For the first time since we have had him (4 days) he decided to go through the fence and discovered the electric wire. I’m sure that that put some stress on his stitches.

This morning I got up and fed Kira and Clifford, and Mike let Remy and Laredo out to come get food. Afterwards Mike locked Laredo in the master bedroom with a gate and then went back to bed. I finished my morning run and then got in the shower. When I got out and put my suit on, Laredo kept sniffing me but he didn’t jump on me. So, I knelt down and pet him on the head and then the chin. Then I scrubbed him between the eyes. He is the first dog that has kept his eyes open when getting scrubbed between the eyes. He has this adoring look that is very sweet. It almost overcomes how ugly he is.

After petting him for a bit, I started to finish getting dressed and started to put my belt on. Laredo was standing right under me when I was putting on my belt. The metal tip of the belt swung down and tapped the wall right beside Laredo, and he just panicked and started scrambling backwards, hit the wall, and then ran into the bedroom and hid on the other side of the bed. He wouldn’t come near me. I coaxed him out and pet on him but he was shivering and had his tail between his legs. This leads me to believe that someone must have beat him as a pup. I pet on him till he relaxed, and then got Mike to pet on him. He was still cowering from me as I left for work.


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